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it’s all about the strawberry!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

that little red fruit with an explosion of flavour when eaten straight from the plant

the humble strawberry is the first fruit to ripen in the spring. used in whole variety of ways, be it jam, tarts, cocktails, or just eating straight from the plant, it is up there as one of our favourite fruits.

the average strawberry has 200 seeds and all are capable of flowering. we once grew a strawberry here at les hirondelles where every seed had started to germinate into a plant! if you plant a strawberry in soil, you will produce a plant which will fruit, try it! cheaper than buying plants or bothering trying to tie in those pesky runners.

ancient romans used the berries to treat everything from depression, to fever and sore throats. ever wondered why childrens medicines are strawberry flavoured! one cup of strawberries gives you 149% of your daily recommended dose of vitamin c, and at 49calories they are great for a snack, rather than reaching for that chocolate bar!

so, get out your jam pans, your tart cases and cocktail shakers, and pay homage to the humble strawberry!


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