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love a rummage?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

visit one of the hundreds of brocantes/vide greniers/vide maisons that are held throughout the year in the poitou-charente

brocante season is upon us!

if your idea of heaven is rummaging through someone elses ‘throwaways’ to find your little bit of ‘treasure’, then then the local brocantes, vide-greniers and vide maisons are right up your street.

the larger brocantes can have upward of 200 sellers, all looking for you to part with a few euros for your perfect ‘find’. haggling is a must, as some of the items can be eye-wateringly expensive, but worth it if it is exactly what you have been looking for, for that little corner of your room, that empty space on the shelf, that perfect corner of your garden, that perfect set of copper pans etc etc etc......

get there early as a lot of the best finds will be gone. you could be disappointed if you’re thinking of sauntering there some time late morning or lunchtime (when most of the stall-holders will have set out their picnic tables, chairs, lunch and obligatory carafe of wine).

most of the events are advertised at , so take a peek and find your treasure!


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